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A source of communication with friends and family back home and in faraway places! Updated experiences, struggles and thoughts from my new found missionary life in this little old place called London, England.
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Funny ad in the tubes.

Funny ad in the tubes.

Arise all Nations

After a long wait, the Olympics have finally started!
I’ve been keeping very up to date with all the events and medals and what not. Canada only having 1 medal while living in a house full of Americans, who have 17 medals… well, enough said. I’ve surprisingly had quite a good amount of time to watch some events.
The July DTS started almost 4 weeks ago.. I cannot believe it’s almost a month in. The Olympic outreach, Arise All Nations started on Thursday and they’ve had a loooong 3 days of walking and evangelism. There are over 150 people spread between two churches… and that’s just for our base. There are hundreds of other teams in London doing the same thing- some of which we have encountered out on the streets, or in the Olympic events. The camp does evangelism during the day, and then late at night they go out from around 11pm till sometimes 4am.. all walking. In the first 3 days, our July DTS and the ones staffing it haven’t been as involved but as these 3 weeks go on, we hope to dive in as much as possible!
A huge privillege we have is to be in control of a cafe for the next 3 weeks! In the middle of Soho.. the strip club/prostitution area of central London, a small cafe by the name of the Living Room is owned by a large local church and they’ve given us control! So we will make and sell all the beverages and food.. and we will also have our personal art hanging on the walls.. as well as live music.. and live music concerts in the basement on the weekends! how’s that for evangelism!? So this is a huge blessing we want to take advantage of.
I am doing quite well. I had a second ear infection a couple of weeks ago, luckily I got some antibiotic drops and it cleared up quick enough! Praise the Lord! I had a friend from home come visit me, which was so much fun… to have a familiar face was a breath of fresh air from home! I’ve had some incredible practical financial blessings, but I’m still waiting for finances to pay my living costs/fees. I’m praying about a job opportunity right now that would help me out oh so much, so if it’s Gods will, it will come through! Though I’m not sure how much time I have for it. Our schedule gets busier and busier all the time.

This DTS goes on outreach on September 22nd.. to Kyrgyzstan and somewhere within the UK or possibly Europe. At this point, I don’t have the finances to accompany them on outreach, but as I am one of the only leaders, they are determined to have me go. So we will have to see how God works in these next couple months. It’s going to be a whirl wind.. Olympic Outreach… Bones Carnival… outreach… new DTS.. Christmas. When you know exactly what you’re doing every week of every month, and it’s scheduled, the months fly by so fast. Being in YWAM for 2 years feels like a few months.
Here is a photo of the July DTS with the leader Mats!


Every year for the past 7 years, London has thrown a huge CANADA day celebration in Trafulgar Square, right in front of the National Gallery and by the Canadian Embassy! Last year 80 000 people showed up! I didn’t even realize it was Canada day while I was here last year. But this time, I KNOW! And I am dying to head down there to hang out with tons of other Canadians and see some live artists and, the BEST PART…. there is a FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST HOSTED BY ALBERTA!

This is a video that a very good friend of mine created! Its purpose is to describe what a Discipleship Training School(DTS) is! It features the current DTS students that are here with us right now, plus some BLS and staff members!

                             My base director works in parliament in London, and had the opportunity to hold the Olympic torch!

My base director works in parliament in London, and had the opportunity to hold the Olympic torch!

My latest obsession.

On a lighter note! For those of you who have never seen, or haven’t in a long time, I encourage you to watch The Prince of Egypt.

When it first came out it was huge, but I think I was too young to really appreciate it. I had been longing to watch it ever since I came back from Egypt, and finally got around to it a month ago. Almost everyone here wanted to watch it, and I just watched it again last week, and am currently watching it as I write this. I’m longing to get my hands on the soundtrack.
The music is created and composed by Hans Zimmer, who is incredibly talented and is one of my absolute favorite composers, so the the music is bound to be amazing. I think that was what originally grasped everyone so much. He’s also done the The Holiday, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Batman Begins and Dark Knight, his music gives you chills. And sometimes the lyrics get lost in the song if you’re just watching the movie, but it you listen to the songs by themselves, I guarantee you’ll receive something from them!
I know it’s a cartoon, but it’s such a beautiful way to bring the Bible to life, to SEE what it might have actually been like than to just read it. I am covered in goosebumps during the burning bush scene, when God speaks to Moses in an audible voice. I can’t get enough. It makes me want to read the Bible with a different outlook. And I find myself referring back to that burning bush moment, and God speaking to Moses… and reminding myself that that is the same God that is with me today, and if I ever find myself not in awe of His glory and wonder, I think back to that scene/story.
If you don’t have access to it, here is a link you can watch it on:

ALSO - Another thing to encourage you to dive into your Bible, is this new book that my mother sent me, called 66 Love Letters. One love letter from God to us, from every book of the Bible. The main message that He’s trying to convey in each book. I’ve only gotten to Leviticus so far, but I want to read each book of the Bible along with each chapter of the book I read! Can’t wait!


Transition phase..

Hello friends!
Today we’re enjoying one of the most beautiful days we’ve had all summer. Considering it’s almost July, it’s about time is stops raining! I’ve definitely experience “classic London” these past 3 months. Last summer London went through a drought so I was a little spoiled with warm weather and this summer, it’s making up for it! There isn’t so much rain, as just normal gloominess. Hopefully it turns up for the Olympics! 
Right now we’re half way through a week of preparation for the new DTS that is starting on Tuesday. This is the first time that our base, which is still technically pioneering, has had two DTS’s running at the same time. So our April DTS left for Poland on Monday and come back in 3 weeks time to help with Olympic outreach. They will be working with the Olympic Outreach started by our Arts Ministry(TABOO ARTS), called Arise All Nations. Hundreds of people and teams are coming to London as part of Arise All Nations, for evangelism and outreach.
So we’ve had a few days of painting and deep cleaning and preparing for new students to come in. They’ve been busy but also extremely relaxing, as we only have 13 people in the house! and no set schedule. It’s good to have this time before we start all over again with this new DTS. We also have a first time DTS leader, Mats DeMartelare from Belgium leading this July DTS. He only did his DTS a short 2.5 years ago! Of course he’s under the covering out our base leaders and directors. But myself, and two of my room mates are the official staff members, helping lead this DTS, which graduates in late November. We will ALSO be working with Arise all Nations.. in the afternoon, as a usual DTS lecture phase has to take place at the same time, to it’s a lecture phase mixed with outreach. Should be like no DTS we’ve ever run before! And on that note, I am doing a basic teaching on Hearing Gods Voice next Tuesday for the new DTS, so keep me in your prayers please!
Also, I actually have a family member coming on this next DTS, she is my mothers cousins daughter! I’m not quite sure what that makes her to me though. Also in the next couple of months I am aware of at least 10 people I know, visiting London, so I hope to meet up with as many of them as possible! I long to have visitors!

and ONE last thing, I have found a job! Sort of. Because of my love for Starbucks(I knew it would pay off one day!), I befriended a man at one of my favorite starbucks that I visit regularly, and over the course of a month or more, I found out he ran his own cleaning business and asked if he could hire me, as I don’t have a proper visa to work at a normal job. So, fortunately, he has been incredibly generous and given me a few jobs! Right now it’s under the table, but I need to do some paperwork about any money I get and do it officially/legally. But he is a Christian from Brazil and met his German wife at Hillsong Church 3 years ago. And It’s been a few weeks and I’ve only worked 3 times but STILL, it’s incredible! The flats I have cleaned are in Notting Hill, which is very posh, and it’s been a privilege to see inside them. Plus I love cleaning. Me alone with my music, cleaning, in a Notting Hill flat, with a cuppa starbucks. And getting paid for it. It doesn’t get much better. It is only £6 an hour, but I’m not complaining! So please pray for more work! Cause I’m extremely low on funds and tuition!
Anyway keep me in your prayers if you ever think of me in the next couple months. I need all the wisdom, strength and determination God will give me!

Olympics update..

London is going into full Olympic mode about now…  revealing news about up the opening ceremonies.. ads all around the city… the activities going on inside  the stadium in Stratford are being kept quite top secret.
One of our staff members is a well known drummer around England and was offered the opportunity to play in the percussion band during the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. He’s been going to practice 2 days a week for a couple months now and he had to sign a form saying he wouldn’t tell anyone what’s going on inside, and isn’t allowed to take pictures, otherwise he’d be thrown out!
But it’s already getting extremely busy heading down to Stratford, where the Olympic stadium is. A couple weekends ago we ventured down there to do an intercession/prayer walk, in which we also read scripture aloud, and claimed the ground. We had a handful of different groups reading Isaiah and Joel in different languages.
Anyway. Besides the different mythological things that come along with the Olympics from ancient Greece, as I wrote about earlier, this years Olympics has it’s own new set of fun things attached to it! For starters:

This is the tower of the Olympic torch. Pretty cool looking. But the architect actually based it on the Tower of Babel from Genesis. Some may say it was inspired by, others say it he made it to stand for the Tower of Babel. The point of the tower was so that the people could reach heaven and be where God was and be like Him, which resulted in Him confusing their languages, so that they could not communicate or speak with one another to plot other things.

ALSO, I’d like you to read this article:

The headline reads:
Whatever happened to our green and pleasant land? Dark, satanic mills of Industrial Revolution take centre stage at Olympics opening ceremony with smoke stacks and pitheads

England wants to throw their history and past into the mix of the ceremonies, to show off their identity. Which has resulted in what looks like a large witch in the center of the opening ceremony show. A newspaper article said it could possibly be “Prospero” from Shakespeares “The Tempest.”
As England is showing off things from their industrial, coal mining, poverty stricken past, apparently during those times, the symbol of a witch was popular for prosperity and being prosperous. I really don’t know why, but somehow that became a positive thing. England has a huge history of occultism.

LONDON OLYMPICS: Massive occultist ritual being prepared to occur in the opening ceremony?

Our incredible donations we received!

Our incredible donations we received!